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Isabelle Meunier
August 27, 2013
Oregon Harvest 2013 Report

The 2013 season in Oregon has pulled together like a dream.  Our crew in the vineyard spent the early spring developing and planting new areas never before planted at our Seven Springs Vineyard - much to everyone's delight!  We've seen very healthy vine growth and an earlier than normal spring with temperatures above average, abundant sunshine and much lower-than-average rainfall with little to no disease pressure.  Today, after over 100 days without rain, our vineyard received a welcoming half inch overnight to help it ease into harvest.  Our bloom in June was slightly cool and resulted in small cluster size and berry weights, with few seeds.  This is highly unusual and most welcoming to see that nature has set naturally the "perfect yields".  We've had the earliest veraison (color change) since 2006, and are preparing to start harvest as early as mid-September.  All-around, 2013 promises to be an early, and beautiful vintage - all in balance.  Not to mention this will be a first for us to be "in tune" (i.e. at the same time) with the harvest in Burgundy.

Aug 27, 2013 at 3:52 PM
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