The 2010 vintage was challenging. We experienced late season frosts, below normal temperatures during flowering, a cooler than average summer and a blistering heat wave in September. Acidities at harvest were very high, and the fruit was exceptionally vibrant and firm. Though yields were modest, the result of these conditions produced fragrant wines with crisp textures and excellent concentration.


2010 Chardonnay, Edna Valley

“The Edna Valley Chardonnay is dominated with aromas of lemon juice, bitter orange peel, anise, and bee’s wax. The mouth-feel is crisp and refreshing with flavors of melon rind and toasted coriander. This wine is a perfect example of the compelling beauty of coastal California Chardonnay – vivid aromas and mouthwatering flavors that will evolve into mature wines with excellent complexity and balance.”

The Edna Valley is known for its Chardonnay. The primary source for this Edna Valley Chardonnay is the Spanish Springs Vineyard located two miles from the Pacific Ocean, sheltered behind the coastal range. The soils are mostly clay and shale – fertile, yet well drained. Due to the terroir the grapes here produce wine with high natural acidity and citrus focused aromas and flavors. Light crushing, before long pressing and full oxidation of the juice, was followed by a quick consolidation of the free and press runs before racking to barrel for fermentation. New oak barrels were kept to a minimum, less than 5%. We neither inoculated for primary nor secondary fermentation. The wine was racked once before going to the bottling tank after 12 months in French oak barrels. The wines were lightly fined and filtered.

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