The wines of Evening Land are a story told by our vineyard.



Summertime Reds

Chill & Grill

A can't miss trio of chillable red wines, perfect for summer. Put these wines in your refrigerator or ice bucket and enjoy with your favorite, simple, summer suppers. Low in alcohol, with bright aromatics, and plenty of acidity, this 3-pack of Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Gamay + Pinot will disappear quickly.

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2019 Seven Springs Rosé


A rosé made from Pinot Noir grapes grown on the east ridge of the Seven Springs Vineyard. Picked early, rushed to the winery, and gently pressed into the oldest barrels we can find, the rosé is bottled just 5 months later - brimming with all the freshness and thirst-quenching vivacity we can muster. This may be the most 'of-the-moment' wine we make. It always seems to disappear quickly


2018 Seven Springs Chenin Blanc

A racy, lively, and textural white wine, the 2018 vintage Chenin Blanc marks just the second vintage of this highly limited bottling. The pet project of our very own Raj Parr, he believes the deep, volcanic soils and our eastern exposure here in the Eola-Amity Hills offer an ideal setting to explore this legendary white grape variety. This wine is fresh and drinkable now, a perfect pairing for oysters and roasted fish. This wine will absolutely reward patience and will benefit from 5-7 years of cellaring.


2017 Seven Springs Pinot Noir

Working with vines planted in 1982 is a good start and we work tirelessly to craft a wine that faithfully communicates place and vintage. The result (we hope) is a benchmark example of estate-grown, old vines Pinot Noir.


2017 Seven Springs Chardonnay

Crafted with the same attention and detail as our Summum & La Source Chardonnays, the Seven Springs bottling comes from younger vines along an elevated ridgeline. Our most promising and exciting wine. 


2018 Seven Springs Gamay Noir

It's Back!!!

We are proud to grow Gamay here in the Eola-Amity Hills. 2018 was a terrific vintage for Gamay. Sourced from only 2.2 acres of Gamay, this wine is fruity, spicy, charming, wild, and incredibly drinkable. Best served with a slight chill.


2017 Anden Pinot Noir

A remarkable run for some of the most historically significant Pinot Noir vines in the Eola-Amity Hills comes to a fitting and triumphant end with the last vintage ever of this incredible, age-worthy, old-vines Anden Pinot Noir. 

-150 cases produced



2017 La Source Chardonnay

Our generously-textured, showstopping Chardonnay grown just below the Summum Chardonnay vines. The La Source will age beautifully but offers up more richness and depth upon release than any other Chardonnay bottling. 


2015 Seven Springs Blanc de Blancs

Celebrate with Bubbles!

A stunning Champagne-style sparkling wine made from estate-grown Chardonnay. This hand-crafted, dry sparkling wine was aged for 4 years and everything was done by hand. The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, this wine pairs well with everything from caviar to potato chips!

-only 172 cases produced



Coravin Model 3

The Coravin Model 3 unlocks your choices, so you can drink any wine, in any amount, without pulling the cork. Featuring a friendly and functional design, Model 3 is perfect for everyday wine drinking. New and improved SmartClamps™ make pouring easy. Simply insert, tip, and pour—then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years!

*includes 2 argon gas capsules and 1 screwcap attachment


Zalto Universal Single Stem

Our glass of choice in the Evening Land tasting room and winery. If you have just one wine glass, the Zalto Universal is the perfect wine glass. Durable, featherlight, dishwasher safe, and stunningly beautiful.


Zalto Bordeaux Single Stem

Our preferred glass for Pinot Noir (especially Oregon Pinot Noir), the unfortunately named Zalto Bordeaux is a great glass for all aromatic and red-fruited red wines. They pair beautifully with the Universal as a white wine glass and the bordeaux as a red wine glass.


Zalto Axium Decanter

Decanters should be functional first, easy to clean second, and stunningly beautiful third. The Zalto Axium is the first decanter we've used that gets these 3 priorities in order. It is durable and easy to use and clean, AND it looks incredible on the dinner table.


Zalto Gravitas Omega

More art piece than wine glass, the Gravitas Omega is eye-catching indeed. But it does have a function. Laying on its side, more aromas remain trapped in the glass offering an explosive bouquet with every swirl and sip.



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