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The volcanic eruptions that formed our appellation sent rivulets of lava down the hillsides, depositing rocks and boulders in narrow bands, leaving behind ideal soils for winegrowing. We’re fortunate to have the remains of several lava flows throughout the vineyard, the most prominent of which spans just 14 vine rows, threading the spine at the center of Seven Springs. It is these select vines that give us Summum Chardonnay. The fruit from the Summum vine rows is fermented and raised in new Stockinger puncheons, finishing its elevage in tank before bottling.



Anden Pinot Noir celebrates Seven Springs’ rich history. The oldest corner of the vineyard is slowly succumbing to the ravages of phylloxera. Here, at mid-slope, the first Pinot Noir vines planted at Seven Springs still produce a delicate and savory wine. We hand-harvest the smallest and most beautiful clusters from the oldest and most disease-stricken vines then ferment them on the stems. We raise the wine in 100% new Ermitage barrels and bottle the wine without filtration. The resulting wine is delicate, fragile, and transfixing: a subdued and timeless interpretation of Pinot Noir.


La Source Pinot Noir

From its debut vintage in 2007, Evening Land’s most sought after wine stands at the pinnacle of Oregon Pinot Noir. The La Source Pinot Noir comes from vines at the very top of Seven Springs Vineyard. Here in shallow and rocky soils, Dijon selections of Pinot Noir weather the daily winds from the Van Duzer corridor, channeling these environmental stresses into an age-worthy and complex wine.


La Source Chardonnay

Just downslope from the narrow band of vines that form Summum is our La Source Chardonnay vineyard. The beneficiary of the same ancient lava flow, depositing iron-rich rocks and pebbles, La Source Chardonnay realizes this minerality with a richer and more open-knit texture.


Seven Springs Pinot Noir

Of all our bottlings, the Seven Springs Pinot Noir tells the story of our vineyard. Built around a core of own-rooted, Pommard and Wädenswil vines planted in 1984, this bottling is a hearkens back Oregon’s winegrowing infancy, when savoriness, smokiness, and nuance brought curious and adventurous Burgundy lovers to our region in droves.


Seven Springs Gamay Noir

We’re proud to farm some of the oldest Gamay vines in North America. The combination of our volcanic soils and the Gamay grape matched with a traditional Beaujolaise approach in the cellar make this wine our most drinkable bottling from the entire vineyard.


Seven Springs Chardonnay

In a world dominated by Pinot Noir, the Chardonnays of Evening Land have quietly earned a loyal following. The bright, clean, and lively Seven Springs Chardonnay grows in the rockier areas of the vineyard’s mid-slope, offering a precise wine of clarity and finesse.


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