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Julian Elam
January 25, 2019
Destination: Portland - Part 2

Our tour of favorites spots in Portland continues. This time, the Bars and Restaurants we love to frequent. 



It is quite simply the perfect restaurant. There's no better place to nestle into a table and feel like you are being fed rather than 'dining out'. Chef Katy Millard cooks soulful, thoughtful, nourishing food and the service and wine list are low-key brilliant. Make a reservation



It's a rare restaurant that places a menu in front of you and you seriously consider ordering the entire menu, top-to-bottom. Davenport is such a place. Where pristine ingredients are prepared in an honest, simple fashion. The printed wine list is brief and impressive. The 'unwritten' list inside proprietor Kurt Heilemann's head is unbelievable. The best option is to give Kurt a budget, a flavor profile, and your dinner order. Then sit back and let the remarkable wine come to you. Go see what we're talking about.


This Clinton Street seafood fixture is an underrated gem, though you’ll be hard pressed to find a table without a reservation on most days. Along with the blowfish wallpaper, a highlight here is the oyster happy hour, when the going rate for the Pacific Northwest’s freshest bivalves is only $1.00. If you’re simply starving, the chef-curated 6-8 course family dinner is one of the very best values in town, particularly when washed down with a quality cocktail or a bottle from Jacqueline’s small but judiciously selected wine list. Make a reservation


BARS (with food...good food)

Angel Face

Angel Face is a cocktail jewel box where the beautiful u-shaped marble top bar serves as the canvas for spirituous artistry. There is no traditional cocktail menu here. Instead, peruse the spirits list and consult bartender Leah Brown, who, upon even the most threadbare and inarticulate request, will employ her encyclopedic knowledge to craft a balanced and presciently mood-matching cocktail. With French-inspired dishes like duck confit and steak-frites, the food menu is a suitably sophisticated accompaniment to the bar’s refined creations. Sidle up to Angel Face.  


Hale Pele

Atmospheric and otherworldly, Hale Pele is the kind of bar where the passage of time goes unnoticed and the weather outside is quickly forgotten – for good reason. Stepping through the bar’s inconspicuous façade reveals a tiki temple, complete with pufferfish lamps, the occasional thunderstorm, and Hawaiian-shirted waiters bobbling fiery cocktail goblets whose flames lick dangerously at the thatched roof above.    



With an all-day, all-night happy hour, vodka flights, and a food menu featuring veal dumplings and caviar, Kachinka is a rolling Russia-themed party. Soviet propaganda posters adorn the walls, and the upbeat Russian pop soundtrack tempts many diners to dance in their seats.       

Jan 25, 2019 at 8:17 AM
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