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Julian Elam
February 15, 2019
Destination: Portland - Part 3


The only thing more synonymous with Portland than rain is coffee! We are as serious about great coffee as we are about great wine. 


What sets Heart apart from dozens of other Portland roasters is the meticulous and
unbending care lavished upon every detail at all stages of the coffee production process.
This devotion to the craft produces technical roasts of wonderful complexity and balance,
traits that are on full display in the café’s pour-overs and espresso drinks. The downtown
outside tables are also a great spot for people watching.


Fastidiously designed and sparsely furnished with pastel accents, Cloudforest is equal
parts art installation, chocolate factory, and coffee shop. Through a window near the
shop entrance, visitors can glimpse virtually the entire chocolate making process, from
roasting to packaging. At the bar, ask the barista for a luscious, umami-laden maple
drinking chocolate topped with sea salt and served in cheerfully colored ceramics sourced
from local artists. Indulge even further with a sumptuous house-made cookie, featuring
single origin chocolate from founder Sebastian Cisneros’ native Ecuador.

Feb 15, 2019 at 7:41 AM
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