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Julian Elam
January 10, 2019
Destination: Willamette Valley - Part 2

Part 2 of our Destination: Willamette Valley offers our favorite tasting rooms and vineyard vistas. While we love our Evening Land tasting room, when friends and family come to town, we happily play equal parts host and tourist. Below are a few of our favorites.



This collaborative Pinot Noir project started in 2011 by Burgundian winemaker Jean-Nicolas Méo of Domaine Méo-Camuzet and music entrepreneur Jay Boberg, strives to produce wines of freshness and elegance. The speakeasy-style Dundee tasting room is by-appointment-only, and the intimate setting – a tastefully decorated living room in an otherwise ordinary house – allows for an extremely personal experience. Schedule a visit and tasting!

Antica Terra

Maggie Harrison’s winery in Dundee offers far more than a simple sit-and-sip. Tastings here rise to the level of a sensory event, with Antica Terra wines poured alongside carefully curated wines from around the world and gastronomic indulgences like Royal White Sturgeon Osetra, cheeses, and foie gras terrine. Schedule a tasting!


Seven Springs Vineyard

We are definitely biased, but the view from the Douglas fir-lined road running through the middle of our vineyard is unquestionably one of the most spectacular in the Valley. On a clear day, the snow-dusted peaks of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Jefferson rise above the farmland and foothills stretching to the east of the Eola-Amity Hills. Click HERE to get a feel for our unforgettable vineyard tour experience and click HERE to email vineyard guide Tynan Pierce to schedule your visit. 

Brooks Winery

Brooks’ tasting room is perched on a hillside above the vineyard, offering guests striking views of the Cascade Range and the Willamette Valley as they sample the winery’s diverse bottlings. Ranging from Pinot Noir to Riesling to Gewurztraminer, Brooks’ wines are especially interesting for those curious about white varietals and their potential in Oregon. And few people do hospitality better than the good folks at Brooks! Schedule a visit

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