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October 29, 2019

Fall is our favorite season to spend far too much time in the kitchen. With the hard work of harvest behind us, cooler temperatures, and fewer hours of daylight, the kitchen feels like the warm, beating heart of the house. Fall offers a bounty of flavors and we thought it worthwhile to share our favorite wines to pair them. 


Soups, salads, purées, or a hearty main-course for meatless Mondays; squash is the official veggie of autumn. We love pairing white wines with BOTH texture & acidity to match the richness and contrast squash's hint of sweetness. We're keen on this recipe.

2017 Seven Springs Chardonnay
2017 Monday Club Pét Nat Chenin Blanc



Tossing veggies in olive oil and seasoning and roasting them until they're crispy is the fastest way to feed fall flavors to a big group. Mushrooms, potatoes, eggplants, beets...all of it really sings with a chilled glass of Gamay! If your simple Sunday supper calls for a roast chicken with herbs and lemon and some oven-roasted veggies, then you better pull the cork on our newest vintage of Gamay Noir!

2018 Seven Springs Gamay Noir



There are few things as quintessentially 'OREGON' as foraged mushrooms. Whether you get your funghi fix in omelets, risotto, pizza, or pasta, the earthy flavor of mushrooms calls for one thing; PINOT NOIR! They do indeed grow & and go together so if your menu has mushrooms, reach for Oregon Pinot Noir.

2017 La Source Pinot Noir


Roasting rich, flavorful cuts of meat on the bone or braising low & slow for hours until the house smells heavenly. Either way, you're working your way towards a hearty, autumnal meal and a long night's sleep. We don't grow any Syrah at Seven Springs, but we know someone who does and Syrah is the ideal pairing for rich roasts and stews.

Our winemaker and fearless leader, Sashi Moorman has been making the Piedrasassi Syrahs with his wife Melissa for 15 vintages. We're definitely partial, but they're our favorite examples of Syrah in the new world!

2016 Piedrasassi Bien Nacido Syrah


Oct 29, 2019 at 10:59 AM
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