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April 30, 2019
Seven Springs and the Promise of Sparkling Wine


Look to the Future

Energy, vitality, tension, and freshness. How do these traits manifest in wine? How do they enhance our enjoyment of wine when young? How do they presage age-worthiness and promote a slow, compelling evolution in bottle? We spend a lot of time thinking about these traits and asking ourselves these questions. With the launch of our sparkling wine program at Evening Land, we take another important step in deepening our understanding of these traits and of the Seven Springs Vineyard.

Seeing Seven Springs, presented through the prism of traditionally-crafted sparkling wine, demonstrates these traits in a way that is all at once new, promising, and thrilling. 

Add Evening Land's first ever Sparkling Blanc de Noirs to your cellar!

la Fôret - The Energetic Core of Seven Springs

At the summit of Seven Springs sits a minuscule and stunningly picturesque field of Pinot Noir we call ‘la Fôret’ (The Forest). Here, the vibrant green leaves of Pinot Noir vines are held in relief against the dark green needles of towering Douglas fir. Even in warm vintages - with which we’ve been blessed of many as of late - the vines on the edge of la Fôret struggle to ripen satisfactorily for a still Pinot Noir because they are shaded for parts of the day. In the 2015 vintage, we began the tedious work of hand-harvesting those shaded edges of la Fôret intentionally early and we embarked on serious and long-term sparkling wine program at Evening Land.

Crafting a compelling sparkling wine is a remarkably difficult endeavor. Harvest for sparkling wine usually happens 12 to 18 days before the harvest for still wines. Therefore you must begin with fruit that demonstrates compelling flavors and the capacity for great complexity at a very early point in the ripening process. In la Fôret, where the ripening process is slow and gradual, the fruit possesses these traits which become the essential building blocks of a promising sparkling wine.

The Craft - Patience and Expertise

The patience and expertise required to complete the laborious processes of tirage and disgorgement are rare but essential in the pursuit of great sparkling wine. We are aided in this effort by our friendship with Michael Cruse. His dedication to finishing sparkling wines is second-to-none. We first began working with Michael in the 2012 vintage at Sandhi and the resulting wines gave us the confidence to pursue this project at Evening Land in partnership with him.


The Wine - 2015 Seven Springs Blanc de Noirs

The 2015 Seven Springs Blanc de Noirs is energetic and focused, with bright-fruited aromas and notes of Alpine berries and botanicals. The refined mousse glosses the palate with richness and carries through flavors of citrus, toasted hazelnut skin, and ripe berries to a lively finish.

Hand-harvested Pinot Noir was gently pressed into neutral barrels. After fermentation, the wine was bottled sur lie and aged in bottle (under crown cap) for 3 full years before being disgorged by hand this past winter. The wine is classified as 'Brut Nature' or 'naturally dry' as there is no sugar added in the dosage before the bottle is closed with cork and cage. 


The Label

Our rocky, volcanic soils imbue all of our Seven Springs wines with character and minerality. We felt it appropriate to give that special soil center stage and emblazon our sparkling wine labels with a microscopic image of our soils. Seen in deep detail, the crystal formations of silica tetrahedrons show our weathering and decomposing volcanic soils here in the Eola-Amity Hills. 




Apr 30, 2019 at 5:00 AM
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