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February 6, 2018
What makes La Source Chardonnay so special?

Not a day goes by we don't wish we could teleport each of you to Seven Springs vineyard, fill your glasses, and enjoy a walk together. The only way to know the subtleties of this historic site is to feel the vineyard under foot.

One such nuance that catches the eye of every visitor is the rocky remnants of an ancient lava flow spanning exactly fourteen vine rows down the center of the vineyard. As you walk, the soft feel of iron-rich clay suddenly shifts to an uneven rockiness, and your eyes turn downwards as you choose each step carefully. 

These 14 rock-strewn rows account for Oregon's most highly-acclaimed Chardonnays ever produced:
Evening Land's Summum and La Source Chardonnay.


Another subtlety of these rocky rows is the way the rounded upper slope gives way to a more concave lower swale. It is here in the swale where La Source Chardonnay finds its balance between the mineral-rich rocks and the more luscious clay soils. 

We think of rocks as imbuing wine with bones and structure while clay adds shape, texture, and weight. The vines from which we harvest La Source grow in soils that capture the mixture of these two elements perfectly. The rocks give the wine nerve and excitement and the clay lends an unctuous and rich texture.

With only 285 cases produced, this is a wine we wish there were more of.

Feb 6, 2018 at 10:14 AM
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