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August 23, 2019

Fans of Evening Land know we are proud to farm roughly 10% of all the Gamay planted in the Willamette Valley. From our old-vines Gamay, planted in 1988 to our 'young vines' planted in 2003, the Gamay comprises a small portion of our acreage yet looms large in the hearts of our customers. 

After the 2017 vintage, our 1.1 acres of heavily phylloxerated old-vines Gamay needed to be removed. With decreasing yields and diminishing vine health, the time had finally come to bid farewell to these stalwarts of Seven Springs. Knowing this day would eventually come, we wisely saved cuttings from our winter pruning in 2017 and shipped them to Martinez Orchards, a nursery in the Sacramento Delta of California, for grafting and propagation. 

Winemaker Ben DiCristina personally ventured down to California's central valley to bring our Gamay seedlings back home and as we planted these new, healthy plants which came from our historic old vines, we ushered in the next chapter of Gamay here in the Eola-Amity Hills. Ben also shared his photo journal of the voyage with us. Enjoy!

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Aug 23, 2019 at 8:43 AM
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