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November 7, 2018

We invite you to join us for 'Head for the Hills' this Thanksgiving weekend. Twice a year, we open the gates to our Seven Springs Estate Vineyard and welcome lovers of Eola-Amity Hills wines to visit our vineyard and the vineyards and wineries of our neighbors. We're hosting Head for the Hills with 4 terrific wineries that are all close by. Feel free to start your day with us, end your day at Seven Springs, or catch us coming to and from Lingua Franca across the road. 

The event is 'rain or shine' and well, it's, ya know. We'll have a cozy tent as well as the tractor barn for shelter and warmth. 


The Particulars
DATE:    Saturday, November 24th & Sunday, November 25th
TIME:    11:00 am to 4:00 pm
PLACE: 4180 Lone Star Rd. Salem, OR 97304 (map)

WINES: 2014 La Source Pinot Noir
              2016 Anden Pinot Noir
              2016 La Source Chardonnay
              2016 Summum Chardonnay
              *top-secret bonus pour(s)

BITES:  Oregon cheese & charcuterie plates
COST:   $20 tasting fee per winery - Our fee is waived with 3+ bottle purchase.

Our Eola-Amity Hills Friends
Bethel Heights
Lingua Franca
Walter Scott


Nov 7, 2018 at 5:31 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
October 26, 2018

The holiday season means large gatherings with large bottles of everyone's favorite wine! An incredible vintage like 2016 offers the perfect time to invest in magnums. 

Here are our TOP-5 reasons to go BIG with magnum bottles.

Show up to a party with a big bottle and we guarantee you
it will be opened, enjoyed, and appreciated that night. 

There hasn't been a better vintage to lay down for the long haul since 2012.
2016 magnums are a wise cellar investment.

Did you get married in 2016? Did you become a parent or grandparent?
Mark that magnificent memory with a 2016 magnum. 

Pull one cork & serve 2x the wine? Yes Please!

It is the season of giving after all. Don't know what to donate to your favorite
charity's annual auction? Offer an Evening Land magnum! 

Oct 26, 2018 at 1:28 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
October 23, 2018

Whatever did we do before this wonderful invention came along? We love using the Coravin Wine System in our tasting room and winery because it preserves the freshness and liveliness in our wines and allows us to share each bottle with as many guests as possible. 

Coravin - I want one ! from Coravin on Vimeo.


In the tasting room, we use the Model Two Elite Pro, featured in the video above. It's easy to use, sleek, and quite the conversation piece. Our Evening Land Tasting Room is proud to be one of the very few retailers in the entire country to offer Coravin's new Model Eleven. If you live in an internet connected home with nest thermostats, ring doorbells, Amazon alexas and the like, then this is the Coravin for you. 

Coravin Unboxing Model Eleven from Coravin on Vimeo.


We use Coravin's everyday. We know a lot about them and we're happy to answer any questions you may have both before you purchase and after you begin using your new Coravin.

Call us anytime and if we miss you, we'll ring you back 503.538.4110

All our best,
-AJ & Tynan

Oct 23, 2018 at 8:49 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
September 25, 2018


Sep 25, 2018 at 10:52 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
September 6, 2018

Today marks the start of our 2018 vintage. Before sunrise, our vineyard manager Jessica Cortell and her team harvested the first crop from a young vines Chardonnay block at Seven Springs. Our tasting room team is headed to the winery to see winemaker Ben DiCristina load the press with the first juice of the vintage. It's an exciting time in the valley and it will only get busier! 

Sep 6, 2018 at 7:48 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
August 14, 2018

Our Zaltos are here. Our tasting room team is standing by to receive your call and send some of these epic Austrian wine glasses and decanters your way. Scroll down to learn more about Zaltos and to see what we have available. 


Aug 14, 2018 at 1:26 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

We are ardent lovers and supporters of Zalto stemware. In both the winery and the tasting room we exclusively use these delicate, mouth-blown Austrian glasses to evaluate and enjoy wine. Read on to learn more about what makes Zalto such an exquisite glass for wine lovers like us. 

Our tasting room always has a large selection of Zalto stems and decanters for sale. Whether you're considering investing in great glassware for yourself or need a special gift to impress the wine lover in your life...we've got you covered!


In the northern part of Lower-Austria, the tradition of glass blowing goes back to the early 14th century. The Zalto family, a glassmaking dynasty whose roots reach back to Venice, settled down in this region six generations ago. Since then, Zalto has been producing high quality mouth-blown glass in Neunagelberg and has made a name for itself among bon vivants beyond all borders.

The curve of the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24°, 48°, and 72°, which are in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth. The ancient Romans utilized this triumvirate of angles with their supply repositories, finding that produce stayed fresh for a longer time, and that it also showed improved taste. Due to these cosmic parallels, Zalto believes that a wine can reach its utmost potential in a Denk`Art glass.

Despite its feather-light weight and delicate edges, the Denk'Art series of glasses maintains all the best attributes of a modern day glass as far as care and longevity are concerned. They are lead-free and resistant against clouding. Denk`Art glasses may be washed in the dishwasher and should be considered your everyday glass as well as the glass to use for your most special occasions.

Aug 3, 2018 at 9:52 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

The most memorable and magical corner of the Seven Springs property is our waterfall. Shrouded in trees, ferns, and moss, and nestled in the woods below our old vines Pinot Noir, it is a cool and magical respite from the mid-day sun. We recently hosted a small group of ardent Evening Land supporters for a picnic lunch and wanted to share some pictures from that magical afternoon. 

Our next waterfall tasting and lunch is scheduled for Saturday, August 25th. Call us to reserve your seat at the waterfall. 503.538.4110

Aug 2, 2018 at 6:48 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

To celebrate the release of our 2017 Gamay Noir from Evening Land, we're hosting a very unique tasting of some of France's finest examples of the Gamay grape alongside our very own. We produce just a small amount of Gamay at Evening Land, but we're proud of the traditional way we make this wine, honoring the old world methods of Beaujolais' greatest winemakers. We hope you can join us and experience the inspiration of these great wines under the guidance of Portland's own Chevonne Ball

A Guided Gamay Tasting with Chevonne Ball

Saturday, August 7th  |  4pm - 7pm
Evening Land Tasting Room (map)

~ The Tasting ~

Domaine de la Grand'Cour (Jean-Louis Dutraive), Brouilly Vielles Vignes
Château Thivin, Brouilly 'Reverdon'
Guy Breton, Régnié
Jean-Paul Thévenet, Morgon Vielles Vignes
Domaine du Vissoux, Brouilly 'Pierreux'
Evening Land, Eola-Amity Hills 'Seven Springs' Vielles Vignes

$30 per person, includes regionally-inspired cheese, charcuterie, and live music included

Aug 2, 2018 at 6:34 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

Below are excerpts from Raj Parr & Jordan Mackay's forthcoming book, The Atlas of Taste
Evening Land list members can pre-order signed, first editions by clicking below.

'One of the most beautiful wines of the world, Beaujolais couldn’t catch a break. From the humiliation it must have suffered in 1395 when its grape, Gamay, got unceremoniously booted from Burgundy by Philip the Bold, to the summers of 2016 and 2017, when brutal hailstorms destroyed the crop in many of its best vineyards, the hits have kept coming. Add in the fact that its one claim to fame, Beaujolais Nouveau, which brought international fame and tons of cash, was based on an iffy wine that would obscure the existence of the good Beaujolais and ultimately contribute to an economic tailspin lasting decades, and you’ve got a major crash on your hands. Even the heavily hyped vintages of late—2009, 2010, and 2015—all of which prompted forecasts of a “Beaujolais turnaround,” were not magic bullets.

Quick fixes, however, were never what Beaujolais needed. The region’s people and its wines have always been regarded in France as sort of charming, convivial country bumpkins, providing simple bucolic pleasure if never profundity. And while there is a jovial, outgoing spirit here, Beaujolais is also home to many extremely talented, driven vignerons. And it’s in these men and women that lies the region’s reclamation, which is being powered by quality, site-driven wines, not magic bullets or marketing gimmicks.

In the early 1980s a small group of young producers in Morgon, dubbed by importer Kermit Lynch the Gang of Four (Jean-Paul Thévenet, Guy Breton, Jean Foillard, and Marcel Lapierre), fell under the influence of an elderly, brilliant sage named Jules Chauvet. Chauvet and his assistant Jacques Néauport preached traditional winemaking—use old vines in vineyards farmed without chemicals, harvest fully ripe grapes, ferment with natural yeasts, age the wines in barrel, and bottle without fining or filtration. Chauvet also proved that this could be done without adding sulfur dioxide, wine’s universal protector. The Gang of Four adopted these methods and essentially gave birth to the natural wine movement, countering the rise of industrial winemaking and preserving Beaujolais’s soul.

Today, Beaujolais is well on its way out of the pit into which Nouveau cast it. Just as the attention of modern young wine drinkers is finding the previously obscure wines of the Loire and the Jura, Beaujolais too has been recognized for the complex and thought-provoking, yet utterly delightful, wines it can make. In a beneficial feedback loop, the opportunity Beaujolais currently presents—cheap land, high-quality and historical terroirs, newfound cachet—is attracting both young, aspiring vintners and even some famous names from Burgundy (Lafarge and Thibault Liger-Belair, to name a couple) who help raise the profile even higher.'

Jul 12, 2018 at 6:34 AM

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