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Evening Land Vineyards ELV

Spoil your Mother for an afternoon at our Tasting Room in Dundee. Along with our neighbors at Le CadeauAngela Estate, and Tertulia Cellars, we'll pour cool, crisp Rosé and offer flowers, chocolate, and an assortment of thoughtful gifts. 

$10 per person for a rosé tasting at all 4 winery tasting rooms!

Sunday, May 13th - 10am - 6pm


Apr 27, 2018 at 7:42 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

Visit us at Dobbes Family Estate in Dundee (map) as we team up with 
20 other wineries to herald Spring's arrival!


Saturday, April 28th12pm to 4pm  
**VIP Brunch from 10:30am to 12pm**

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

Apr 23, 2018 at 1:25 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

From Evening Land's first vintage (2007) our La Source Pinot Noir has been the best red wine from the historic Seven Springs Vineyard. The sublime 2012 vintage marked an important philosophical shift for our flagship Pinot Noir. La Source was always a selection of the best barrels in the cellar. These best barrels, irrespective of their origin in the vineyard, were blended together to make La Source Pinot Noir. 

When Sashi Moorman and Rajat Parr arrived at Evening Land in January of 2014, the 2012 vintage wines awaited their final blend. Rather than hew to tradition and select only the best barrels, they availed themselves of the opportunity to taste through each lot; still separate and corresponding to individual blocks of Seven Springs Vineyard.

Tasting through the vineyard as a whole, the blocks at the very top of the vineyard, planted to Dijon clones and rising to 700 feet in elevation, quickly set themselves apart from the older vines downslope. Here, in rockier soils and windier conditions, these Pinot Noir vines encounter environmental stresses that produce a complex, layered, and age-worthy expression of Pinot Noir.

The decision to approach the La Source bottling anew and isolate it to the vines at the vineyard's summit paid off. The 2012 La Source Pinot Noir received the highest score ever awarded an Oregon Pinot Noir by Wine Spectator (98pts) and it was named the #3 wine in the following year's Top-100 list



Apr 20, 2018 at 7:07 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

While debuting our 2015 vintage wines in London, Raj sat down with the folks from the Interpreting Wine Podcast. He spoke about his origins in the world of wine, from Calcutta to Culinary School. The bulk of the Podcast is an interactive tasting where Raj presents our 2015 La Source & Summum Chardonnay, our 2016 Seven Springs Gamay Noir, and our 2014 La Source Pinot Noir. Listen below to a great Podcast and hear about each wine as Raj personally pours for the folks at Interpreting Wine. 



The tasting and interview took place out our new British import partners portfolio show, Indigo Wine UK.



Mar 19, 2018 at 6:45 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV

Our understanding of Seven Springs grows day by day, block by block, row by row, and vine by vine. In approaching Seven Springs' oldest vines, we look back at this vineyard's rich history.

How Anden Came to Be

For a brief period, following the divorce of Seven Springs founders Al MacDonald and Joni Weatherspoon, the vineyard was cleaved in two. Joni retained the vineyard's upper half and the name Seven Springs, while Al christened the lower portion 'Anden', an elision of their children's names; Andrew & Kristen.

The lower half of the vineyard is home to Seven Springs' original plantings and thusly its oldest vines. Planted in 1984, here you find Pommard and Wädenswil clones of Pinot Noir planted on their own roots. These vines represent the origins of what would become one of Oregon's benchmark sites.

For the diligent wine sleuth among you, there can still be found bottles of Anden Vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and even Gamay from the 2002 through 2006 vintages. St. Innocent, Torii Mor, Patricia Green and Amity all produced Anden vineyard-designate bottlings.

Evening Land's Anden Pinot Noir

Our Anden Pinot Noir celebrates the history of Seven Springs', focusing on the oldest corner of the vineyard as it slowly succumbs to the ravages of phylloxera. Here, at mid-slope, the first Pinot Noir vines planted at Seven Springs still produce a delicate and savory wine. We hand-harvest the smallest and most beautiful clusters from the oldest and most disease-stricken vines then ferment them on the stems. We raise the wine in 100% new Ermitage barrels and bottle the wine without filtration. The resulting wine is delicate, fragile, and transfixing: a subdued and timeless interpretation of Pinot Noir that contrasts well with the more forthright and taut La Source bottling.




Opening with a lightly smoky, match-strike reductive nose that continues into the palate, this wine transforms with air into meaty, savoury notes with hints of graphite that are delicious. At its core are dark berries with fresh-cut bramble and loads of sapidity. The tannins are fine and resolved alongside glittering acidity and plenty of length. This wine continues to evolve and drink well, long into day five after opening, which speaks very well to its ageing potential. While still well balanced with fruit, this is the most savoury of the Evening Land Vineyard Pinots in a way that is very pleasing. Carries the oak seamlessly.
I am impressed with this wine.
-Elaine Chukan Brown

Mar 13, 2018 at 11:03 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
February 26, 2018

It is impossible to set foot in Seven Springs Vineyard and not feel a deep connection to Oregon’s rich history. Vines planted at the outset of the 1980s stand as proud reminders of the vineyard’s role in making the Eola-Amity Hills a world-class winegrowing region. We know each time we harvest these vines, we are just a small chapter in the story of Seven Springs.

For the vineyard's first 24 vintages, fruit from Seven Springs was sold to many talented winemakers. We’ve endeavored to research where the Pinot Noir from these original plantings went over the last 30-or-so vintages. Our work is ongoing, but we happily share with you what we’ve learned from our forbearers about these venerable vines from the Seven Springs Vineyard.

Click HERE to read the first part of our deep dive and click HERE to purchase the 2015 Seven Springs Pinot Noir (WS 93)

Feb 26, 2018 at 11:55 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
February 15, 2018

The valley is brimming with talk of Oregon Chardonnay. There is a palpable energy surrounding this variety we cannot recall ever experiencing before. While Chardonnay pales in comparison to Pinot in terms of planted acreage, the recent efforts by many Oregon winemakers are noteworthy.

This weekend we're excited to participate in the Oregon Chardonnay Celebration. Seminars, a Grand Tasting, and many special events will all focus on the bounty of world class Chardonnay from our region. 

We're hosting a special 6-vintage vertical tasting of our La Source Chardonnay, hosted by Rajat Parr on Saturday, February 24th from 6:00-7:00pm. Call our tasting room at 503.538.4110 to reserve your seat.

Feb 15, 2018 at 1:31 PM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
February 6, 2018

Not a day goes by we don't wish we could teleport each of you to Seven Springs vineyard, fill your glasses, and enjoy a walk together. The only way to know the subtleties of this historic site is to feel the vineyard under foot.

One such nuance that catches the eye of every visitor is the rocky remnants of an ancient lava flow spanning exactly fourteen vine rows down the center of the vineyard. As you walk, the soft feel of iron-rich clay suddenly shifts to an uneven rockiness, and your eyes turn downwards as you choose each step carefully. 

These 14 rock-strewn rows account for Oregon's most highly-acclaimed Chardonnays ever produced:
Evening Land's Summum and La Source Chardonnay.


Another subtlety of these rocky rows is the way the rounded upper slope gives way to a more concave lower swale. It is here in the swale where La Source Chardonnay finds its balance between the mineral-rich rocks and the more luscious clay soils. 

We think of rocks as imbuing wine with bones and structure while clay adds shape, texture, and weight. The vines from which we harvest La Source grow in soils that capture the mixture of these two elements perfectly. The rocks give the wine nerve and excitement and the clay lends an unctuous and rich texture.

With only 285 cases produced, this is a wine we wish there were more of.

Feb 6, 2018 at 10:14 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
January 30, 2018

We warmly welcome you to celebrate Valentine's Day with Evening Land. We are partnering with our neighbors for an unforgettable afternoon in paradise as you tour the vineyards of Evening Land, Cristom, Bethel Heights, and Evesham Wood. The eastern slopes of the Eola-Amity Hills have yielded many of Oregon's most renowned wines and this year's Vines to Valentines Weekend offers a rare chance to taste them all.

Jan 30, 2018 at 8:18 AM
Evening Land Vineyards ELV
December 11, 2017

The first scores are in for our 2015 vintage

Longtime Wine Spectator writer/reviewer Tim Fish takes over the Oregon beat with our 2015 vintage. We're thrilled with the marks he gave the wines, but especially enjoyed his thoughtful tasting notes which speak not just to the wines' flavors, but to their texture and effect. Our two most popular wines, the La Source and Seven Springs Pinot Noir bottlings, rated quite well at 94 and 93 points respectively. 

The '15 vintage is an early-drinking one and the wines are open and enjoyable at this very moment. 

2015 La Source Pinot Noir - 94 pts

Polished and well-structured, with expressive rose petal and sassafras aromas and dynamic blackberry, licorice and spice flavors that billow toward plush tannins. Drink now through 2024.


2015 Seven Springs Pinot Noir - 93 pts

Subtly powerful and rich, with expressive black cherry and spicy cinnamon aromas and layered plum and licorice flavors that build toward refined tannins. Drink now through 2024.


Dec 11, 2017 at 2:49 PM

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